Goal Face

The GoalFace Starting 11

We’re a group of guys (sorry, no gals yet) working to create a better online experience for the global football community.

Like most football fans in the past, we had to go to several web sites to find news, scores, stats and other information about the players, leagues and tournaments we cared about. Recognizing that millions of others shared our frustration, we created GoalFace to bring the action from professional football pitches around the world to them in real time; all the while connecting and engaging the globall football community around the passion and magic of the sport they love.

The GoalFace team has brought together scores, pictures, news, statistics and other information from 200+ leagues and tournaments from around the world into a place that is user-friendly and 100% football. With GoalFace, the millions who make up the global football community no longer have to waste time searching multiple sources across the web to get the information they want or to find each other. GoalFace is the place that brings it all together for the global football community –anytime, everywhere, on demand.

We hope you like site, and appreciate any feedback and suggestions you have to make GoalFace the best place for football online.

The GoalFace Team

Jorge Vasquez, Chief Technology Officer
Jorge brings more than a decade of knowledge and experience as a technical architect and consultant to guide and shape the engineering and technology strategy for GoalFace. He has managed numerous large-scale technology and software projects in the commercial and government sectors, designing and delivering solutions that leverage a variety of web technologies, application frameworks and infrastructure platforms.
John Gakau, VP, Product & User Experience
John brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to GoalFace from over a decade as a user experience and Internet strategy consultant. He is Managing Partner of Experience by Design, a leading user experience consultancy that helps emerging and established companies around the world bring user-friendly products to market.
Juan Carlos Vasquez, Senior Director, Software Engineering
Juan Carlos brings nearly a decade of experience as a software architect and engineer to GoalFace. He has held a number of senior software development and engineering roles, working with a variety of tools and methods on several software and web applications projects. He has built systems using Java, J2EE, PHP and various object-oriented frameworks.
Kelly Matthews, User Experience Design
Kelly has created engaging user experiences for over 15 years. An early pioneer in interactive television, Kelly’s work spans television, web properties and applications on the PC and Mac. Kelly has been at AOL for 10 years as user experience design lead for AOL Instant Messaging products, AIM and the new Mac products including AOL Desktop and AIM for Mac. Kelly’s passion for design excellence yields quality and engaging experiences for users.
Ravi Budigelli, Software and Search Engineering
Ravi brings strong web application development expertise from more than 7 years on teams developing and managing high performance e-Commerce and Web 2.0 applications. He brings deep experience optimizing Web sites that are findable and effectively draw relevant traffic from search engines based on users’ natural search behaviors.
Jamil Jadallah, Product Quality Assurance
Jamil brings his knowledge and expertise as a Business Analyst and Quality Assurance Lead at a large Fortune 50 company to the GoalFace teams. He has played the beautiful game since the age of six, and is an avid follower with an encyclopedic knowledge of the world’s top leagues and competitions.
Kwasi Brown, Systems and Application Management
With over twelve years in IT, Kwasi has managed and grown several production systems, custom applications and business solutions in the commercial and government sectors. He has extensive experience with web application development, database architecture, and server management.
Abou Kone, Front-end Engineering and Development
Abou Kone brings 8+ years of experience building user-friendly web applications to GoalFace. A dedicated front-end developer with a strong background in J2EE and PHP web development, Abou is responsible for the planning and implementation of the GoalFace UI using the latest and best HTML, CSS and Javascript techniques to ensure optimal performance and an engaging experience for users of the web site.